Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Confessions of a Shopaholic

a review by Russell Pinkston

This is one of those types of movies I try to avoid until I have nothing else to watch....and then I find out that it wasn't as bad as I feared.
The adorably cute Isla Fisher (Wedding Crashers) plays Rebecca Bloomwood....recently unemployed and deeply into dept (however I didn't think she was that deep into debt....but I've been there so I know it kind of sucks).   But to make matters worst she can't say no to a sale....she loves to buy stuff.....shoes, dresses or even one particular green scarf...which she wears to a job interview as a financial advisor...which oddly enough she is good at.  And she writes her own advice collumn as the mysterious Girl in the Green Scarf.   But her real dream is to work for a fashion magazine some day but she has to work her way up first.   Complications arise as she kind of falls for her boss played Hugh Dancy.  Also she is being hounded relentless by one of her bill collectors.  The movie barely scratches the surface of what it is like to be addicted to something and probably could have been one of those movies that had a strong message but it falls a little short.
This movie has a pretty good supporting cast as John Goodman and Joan Cusack play her parents, John Lithgow has a small part as her boss's boss and even the late Lynn Redgrave makes a cameo.
I kind of related to this movie a little but being in debt is not really a funny situation....it can be quite depressing if one thinks about it.  This movie kind of reminded me a little of The Devil Wears Prada....just not quite as good.  But the movie was a fun little rom com.
I recommend these movies:
John Lithgow:  Footloose, Ricochet, Cliffhanger, Hollow Point and Shrek
Joan Cusack:  Grosse Point Blank, School of Rock and Toy Story 2
John Goodman:  Everybody's All American, Coyote Ugly, Fallen, Monster's Inc. and Evan Almighty.
I give Confessions of a Shopaholic 3 1/2 credit cards.....which I recommend cutting up immediately :)  

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