Monday, September 6, 2010


a review by Russell Pinkston

This is a documentary by comedian and star of HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher....Bill Maher.    It is directed by Larry Charles (who also directed the hit Borat).
Basically Bill Maher travels the globe in search of answers on religion.  He visits Salt Lake City, London, Jerusalem and the Vatican all while poking fun at everyone's religious beliefs.  His interviews are extremely bias and one sided and are more for entertainment than factual benefit.  It's a roadshow version of his stand up routine but where he asks people of different religion to prove the existance of God and then makes fun of their answers.  His goal is to cast doubt in people's minds about their beliefs.  Some people are good natured about it and play along while others are naturally offended.
Bill Maher is really a pretty funny comedian when he doesn't go to these extremes in making fun of people.  I don't know about alot of people but I take my religion and my polictics very seriously....and usually don't find the humor in jokes when they are directed at either of them.  This movie just isn't my thing.  I don't find religious satire funny.   This movie comes off like a coworker who tells you a offensive joke to you.  You have that moment of uncomfortable silence where you think to youself....did he just say that? 
While I like Bill Maher on Real Time alot and his prior show Politically Incorrect (where he was eventually let fired (his contract was not renewed) for a post 9/11 comment) I think he crosses the line sometimes.   
I found very little about this movie entertaining but maybe than again....that kind of humor just wasn't my thing so to someone else they might.   While I am sure God has a sense of humor I am hesitant to test it so I refrain from poking fun at him.
To each there own.  I reccomend Real Time with Bill Maher if you are into politcal discussion show with some humor but be forwarned he will make fun of your political party as the one thing he is....he is an equal political party offender. 
I just expected a better movie that would both make me think and make me laugh....I didn't do much of either.    
I give Religulous 1 out of 5 jokes.....cause that's about how many jokes I thought were funny.          

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  1. I loved this movie. I saw it in theaters and was glad I did. Bill Maher is hilarious.