Saturday, April 30, 2011

2011 Summer Movies I Want to See

I received my Summer Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly in the mail a couple of weeks ago so now I can plan the rest of my movie watching summer.  Here are the movies I am excited to see.

#10  Final Destination 5 (Aug 26):  The Final Destination was a disappointment as I was a fan of the first 3 movies.   Hopefully this one will restore the series and hopefully it won't be in 3D.

#9    X-Men: First Class (June 3):  I didn't like X3: The Last Stand much....too much going on.  X2 was my favorite.  I didn't expect much out of this prequel of sorts until I seen the trailer and it looked good.  Let's hope it don't such.

#8    Bad Teacher (June 24):  Cameron Diaz as the ultimate bad teacher....maybe not as cool as Jack Black in School of Rock but still the trailer looks good.  Justin Timberlake needs to make up for that whole Yogi Bear thing.

#7    Green Lantern (June 17):  Not a big super hero movie guy and if I hadn't seen the Green Lantern panel at Comic Con I might not really care about this movie but who knows this might be pretty good.

#6    Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (May 20):  I loved the first movie ALOT but let's be honest the last two movies were disappointments.  This one is missing a couple of original actors so we will see.

#5    Kung Fu Panda 2 (May 26):  Let's face it....I love animated movies...especially Pixar and Dreamworks.   This sequel has Jack Back kicking some more animated butt.

#4    Super 8 (June 10):  I made a bunch of Super 8 movies as a kid so I can relate a bit to this...although....I don't think one of them had aliens in them....Zombies and Seriel Killers...yes...Aliens....nope!  We'll see how this movie is.  I am hoping this won't be anything like Cloverfield.

#3    Thor (May 6):  The summer movie season kicks off with Thor.   It's a comic book movie so I will hope for the best but expect the worst....maybe it will be as good as Marvel's other movies:  Iron Man or X2.

#2    Transformers:  Dark of the Moon:   Not quite as dorky of title as Revenge of the Fallen.  Let's hope the story is better.  This one doesn't have the eye candy of Megan Fox so it better be well written. 

#1     Cars 2:  I am a huge Pixar fan (as you would probably guess by one wall of my front room)!  The first Cars is my alltime favorite animated movie (The Incredibles, Mulan and Up being 3 more).   I love the Mater Tall Tales shorts that were on the Disney Channel and I have alot of expectations for this movie....but that has me a bit worried.  Toy Story 3 let me and the first two movies down and Pixar does have a few movies that I am not as crazy about (Ratatoulle, Wall-E and A Bug's Life).  But Mater and Lightning saving the world has to be just has to be....or this will be another sucky movie summer.
I also want to see Fast Five but it came out one week ahead of the summer movie scedule so thus I can't count it on my summer list.


Here are my kids picks for their must see summer movies:


#6    Harry Potter 7.2
#5    Spy Kids 4
#4    Transformers: Dark of the Moon
#3    Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer
#2    Cars 2
#1    Kung Fu Panda 2
He also wants to see Hoodwinked 2 which comes out this week instead actually being a summer movie.


#6    Cowboys & Aliens
#5    The Smurfs
#4    Transformers 3
#3    Green Lantern
#2    Kung Fu Panda 2
#1    Thor