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TheReelRussell Best and Worst Movies Seen in 2010

I might be a little late with this but thought I would post my list anyways.  First a disclaimer *This post and the movies on the list are movie which I have seen in the year 2010...regardless of the year the movie may have been actually release in theaters...I did not get to see the movies until this year so this is the year the movie made my list.  If you don't like it.....tough that's why this is my list and not yours!!

#10  Robin Hood:   Russell Crowe in this prequel of sorts that tells the story of how Robin Hood came to be.  A few people didn't like this movie....I did.  It had an epic feel to it as it was directed by Ridley Scott and surprisingly had some humor.
#9    Sherlock Holmes:  I thought I would not like this period movie with Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law but I did like it alot.  It is well directed by Guy Richie.
#8    Kick Ass:   This movie was so much fun with an 11 year old (Chloe Grace Moretz) who kicks some major....well ASS!  And this is stars Mark Strong who was in 3...yes 3 of my top 10 movies this year (Robin Hood and Sherlock Holmes being the other 2).  He's also in one of my favorite pictures I took from Comic Con (the Green Lantern panel).
#7    Cirque du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant:  I am not a fan of circus' or of freaks but I really like this movie.  Kind of make me want to check out the book series by Darren Shan.
#6    Mega Mind:   Not a huge fan of Will Ferrell movies but in this animated film he only lends his voice.   My top 10 is full of surprise films.   Dreamworks is my second favorite animated studio behind Pixar and I love this big blue headed alien!  This is my daughters all time favorite movie (in her 12 years) so it is definite a fun good one.
#5    The Crazies:  Not usually a fan of horror movies but this one was well written, directed and acted.  I am a big fan of Timothy Olyphant who stars.  Check out his series Justified on the FX channel if you haven't already!
#4    Music Within:    This based on the true story of Richard Pimentel who made major changes for Americans with disabilities.   Love this drama and it was nice to see Ron Livingston (Office Space) again on screen.  It is also chock full of cameos by several well know actors and actresses.
#3    A-Team:   I watched the series faithfully and was a huge fan of the cast...and even got to see George Peppard get his star on the Walk of Fame.  I didn't know how I felt about Hollywood making it into a series....I was reluctant I would like it but I really like the action and the cast....almost as much as the original cast.  Lots of fun especially the Murdock character...played by  Sharlto Copley (District 9).
#2    How to Train Your Dragon:   Drumroll best animated movie of 2010 is this adorable little movie. let me down this year with Toy Story 3 but thank you Dreamworks! 
#1    The Blindside:   This is the second year in a row that a Sandra Bullock movie has made my top 3!  The Proposal was awesome last year but this movie should have won Best Picture and actually had me tear up...just a little.   Dramas aren't usually the type of movie that win my Best Movie but congrats to The Blindside.

And now for the BAD!!

#10  Wolfman:   Boring!!!
#9    Extract:  A comedy that wasn't really that funny.
#8    Old Dogs:   Robin Williams and John Travolta stick like dogs in this comedy.
#7    Clash of the Titans:   Release the CRAPFILM....and so they did....this remake...the original was better.
#6    The Box:   Cameron Diaz stars in this....I don't really know what kind of movie this really was....except for bad.
#5    The Fantastic Mr. Fox:   Kids movies usually are fun but this furry fox film was kind of creepy.
#4    The Last Airbender:   The kids cartoon had humor and heart...this live action film had neither.
#3    The Road:   A really bleak and sad look at a post apocalypic United States.  Wish I would have stayed off the road I used to pick up this movie.
#2    The Forth Kind:   Boring alien abduction movie.  Did it really happen...I don't really care...the movie sucked.
#1    MacGruber:  At the showing I went to I was the only person in the entire theater....that should have been a clue to as stupid this movie and probably I was for seeing it.   It was just way too vular (something that usually don't bother me).   It was a funny SNL skit that never should been made into movie.  Poor Val Kilmer and Ryan Phillipee.
There you have it.  And as a special is TheReelRussell Best of 2010!   Actors and Actresses who made my year and made the films they were in that much better!

Best Actor:   Johnny Depp-Alice in Wonderland
Best Actress:   Sandra Bullock-The Blindside
Best Supporting Actor:  Sharlto Copley-The A-Team
Best Supporting Actress:  Chloe Grace Moretz-Kick Ass
Best Director:  Dean DeBlois and Chris Sanders-How to Train Your Dragon

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