Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fat Girl and Little Boy

a true story by Russell Pinkston

Alright before you jump my ass about my title...I don't mean to offend anyone. It's just a title and happens to sum up my story so I went with it. Maybe it is a little politically incorrect for the times (but the times were the early 80's and I wasn't quite 10 yet). This takes place back when I was in elementary school (Yeah! Go Roadrunners!). Times were tough. There were gangs everywhere. Ok so they were just gangs of little kids. But when a bunch of kids congregate together you know someone's gonna get hurt. This time was no different. I was on my way out of gym..back before the renamed it P.E. I had to walk down this long dark hallway to get from the gym to the main concourse. There were like 4 guys in the hall and they were talking to this girl. I didn't want to stick my nose into other people's business and besides those kids looked like trouble. So I kept my head down and started to walk by. The guys had sort of cornered this girl. I kind of over heard a little. They weren't talking to her as much as they were calling her names. Fatty, Fat, Fat. You are big as a house. Look how fat you are. I was no hero and besides it wasn't my fight so on I kept. of the kids called out my name. "Hey Russell". Oh shit. They were all bigger than me. Besides back in elementary I was a lover and not a fighter. But I just knew I was gonna get it. I pretended to not hear my name and kept moving. But one of the kids step in front of me. "Hey Russell". How did they even know my name? They had to be a couple of grades ahead of me. Well I couldn't pretend not to hear any longer. "Huh, what you talking to me?" "Your name is Russell isn't it? It was. "Ahhh...Yeah." That's right talk your way out of it. "Me and the guys here were just telling this girl here how fat she was. What do you think?" I look at the girl who was actually a bit taller than the boys. You can tell the girl had been crying. "Ah......". She was...kind of big...I guess. One might say chunky. Who knows maybe she was just big boned. I didn't know. I only seen one way out for myself and that was going with the flow. "Yeah, I guess. She's fat. Sort of.......That girl's head snapped around and looked at me. Her eyes bore into me. Her lips curled up and she snarled. She reached over with both hands and grabbed me by my shirt and lifted me off the ground. My gym bag fell to the floor. Did I just hear her growl? She spun me around and slammed me against the wall. *Note to builders of elementary schools. Do not put tile on the walls. Tile is for the floors only. Any tile on the wall may look nice but when a giant of a girl grabs a wimp of a boy and drives him into the wall it is gonna hurt HIM. She really appeared to be mad. She just kept slamming me into the wall. My head just kept bouncing off that nice looking tile wall. "Don't worry guys I'll wear her down for you". I looked around for the other 4 boys and to ask for their assistance but they were no longer there. What the.... So there I was all alone with this girl who was taking all her frustration and anger out on poor little me. I might of passed out for a bit....I don't remember but she eventually she stopped. Maybe she got tired. Maybe or maybe she got hungry. Whatever the reason she dropped me to the ground where I slumped against the wall and slid to the floor. I needed a break. I think I got a concussion instead. The girl left me there lying on the floor. Eventually I pulled myself up and picked up my gym bag. I headed on to my next class whatever that was. I don't remember seeing that girl every again...I didn't want to see her again. Actually I don't think I even remember what she looked like. All I can recall is my head, tile, ouch. There is a lesson in this story. I believe all though the rest of school I had never called another girl her face. I guess I was kind of the Troy Aikman of school. I eventually got so many concussions I had to quit doing the stuff that was gonna hurt me. And that includes making comments about how big a girl might be. If a girl would have ever ask me if a outfit made her look fat I would have ran. Fuck if I can take another concussion.

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